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If you enjoy me writing about Newcastle, check out this romcom set in the city –

The Bridesmaid Blues

“After a couple of pages, I knew that Bridesmaid Blues was one of the funniest books I would ever read. I was laughing 98.9% of the time” – Up Close and Literal

I absolutely adored it.  A perfect read for fans of Bridget Jones and Lindsey Kelk.  A smart, sassy, funny romcom with lots of northern charm.  From the first chapter that had me laughing through the words to the very end of the book. …a fun filled, warm hearted read… 5*” Kraftireader


Paranormal adventure with snark and sexiness: Dark Dates: Cassandra Bick Chronicles: Volume 1

5* ‘I am screaming from the rooftops this is a series that must be read‘ The Jeep Diva


If you want to read something a bit darker, I just re-released by earlier novel Doll and my short stories No Love is This. 

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