Week one in the new place

So, I have been in my new place just over a week now. It certainly feels better to have my own space, and after a slightly mend and make do week I am starting to make progress in making the place more homely.

My super practical cousin popped round last night and assembled my bed and fixed my wobbly sofa bed, though did give me a telling off for not asking for help sooner – I have to keep reminding myself I have a lot of people here more than willing to lend and hand, and I should stop feeling useless/flaky/like a burden for reaching out to them.

Bookshelves arrived on Saturday so the place feels a bit less cluttered, and I have a bunch of stuff on order from Amazon (including a multi-tool, whose ordering was inspired by said cousin, who was horrified by my lack of tools…) and have – I think – chosen the bed I want for the main bedroom and plan to order it this week.

I’d forgotten that moving house is both tedious and exhausting (so many companies to contact! So much to unpack), not to mention incredibly expensive, and I am still slightly surprised by how emotional it’s making me feel. But at least with the fairy lights and all the housewarming cards the living room is looking a lot more welcoming…


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