Game of Thrones Urban Decay set

I used to blame my internet shopping habit on evening wine, but since I hardly do that now, it seems that, no, I have got no excuse for my impulsive buys – but some things are so pretty you know you’d kick yourself if you didn’t buy them. One of these things is the new Urban Decay Game of Thrones range. I’ve been lusting after it since I saw it online, but thought it was sold out, so when it came up on my Facebook feed as available, I couldn’t stop myself from clicking.

And, lord, it is gorgeous. Created with real care and lots of lovely details, it’s an eye colour palette with an incredible range of pigment heavy colours, mainly metallic – the range is so good it would be worth the £40 or so price even without the incredible packaging. The pop up Iron Throne stores flat, or you can leave it standing (the make up is in a pull out drawer) and while it’s bulkier than most palettes – you’re not going to slip it into your handbag – it’s actually surprisingly sleek, and comes with a built in mirror.

Of the colours my favourites are the Dothraki and Winterfell – closest to my usual colour scheme – but there are plenty to try. I think I’m in love!

Bonus: if you are as annoyed as many people with the Game of Thrones finale, you get o reenact your own (dragon not included, sadly).



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