Make and Mend Print Market

Having been to the Make and Mend market in Grainger market at the start of the month, I decided to brave a crowded, sweaty town centre to check out the print edition – and, typically, my ‘I will not spend any money’ promise lasted about 5 minutes in the face of so many gorgeous goodies. Britt Coxon – who designed the cover of my book Bridesmaid Blues – had a stall there, and there was a nice mix of products – everything from tote bags to zines and comics, artwork and postcards. There was also a table where you could try out crafts.

I really wanted one of the embroidered pictures by Rigantona Designs, but I have no wall space (the perils of rented accommodation) so settled for a couple of postcards instead. I was also very taken with Honeycomb Paints, though I can’t show you what I bought as it’s a present.

I could easily have spent more but since I was already over budget, I restrained myself. I’ll definitely be going back, though.


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