Birchbox and Rainbow Shoes

Feeling a bit under the weather this week, so pleased to get a couple of fun deliveries yesterday. This month’s Birchbox arrived and, as usual, it was a mixed bunch. I’m not a user of highlighters, so that’ll likely go in the Christmas box, as will the shower gel, since that is coconut (urgh!). The body scrub will come in handy, and I’m always willing to give some skincare a go, though, so enough to make me feel like I got a treat.

Even more of a treat, my new shoes from the Collectiq sale arrived. I feel like my wardrobe has got a bit boring since I started to work from home, and these beauties will brighten me up. They have a removable shell at the front, which clips on – I worry that might rub, but they are equally pretty unadorned. And at a mere 15 quid plus postage, they are a bit of a bargain!


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