Work and Workers at Side Gallery

The Side Gallery is always worth a visit, and I have been meaning to get to see their new show for ages, so was pleased to be able to finally fit it in. Work & Workers is a curated exhibition of photographs from around the work exploring the theme of work, featuring everything from coal miners to call centres.

Spread across the whole gallery, it’s packed with gorgeous pics, including stunning shots of the Tyne Bridge being built, some of Chris Killip’s amazing ship building pictures (I talked about his Last Ships show at the Laing a while back), and some brutal pictures of the miner’s strike and Orgreave.

It’s unflinching and sometimes bleak, but often strangely beautiful, and always humane – it never loses sight of the fact that at the heart of even the darkest and fieriest industrial hellscape there are people living their lives.

Work & Workers is on till 8 Sep and is free. Go check it out!


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