Flat Caps Coffee

I have been meaning to visit Flat Caps ever since I moved to Newcastle, since I saw it on one of my early jaunts. An award-winning coffee shop in Carliol Square, it’s just enough off the main drag not to be super busy (or at least when I visited, midweek on a Friday), but close enough that it’s only a few minutes from Northumberland Street and the Metro.A light, airy space with friendly staff, it serves good coffee and an array of food: I was recovering from a migraine when I visited – hence the not-great pictures, plus they are digging up the pavement outside, which stopped me taking better exterior pics – so was tempted by the double-cheese grilled sandwich. It was delicious, and didn’t make the mistake so many places make of quantity over quality, so was enough to fill me up without making me feel like I needed a lie down (I’m as greedy as the next gal, but I’d much rather have a reasonable lunch portion I can enjoy than a giant plate of food that knocks me into a food coma. This isn’t America, people!)They also host a creative freelancer breakfast meet up the last Friday of every month which I feel like I should check out, if I can ever bring myself to go to an event that’s held in the morning…


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