Terror From The Skies at Live

My friend K headed back to Glasgow yesterday, after a lovely few days of hanging out together (having eaten all the cheese, we opted for a vegan brunch at Super Natural before she left). Then it was back to work for me, reviewing a new studio show at Live that is touring the North East and Yorkshire.

Terror From The Skies has an awful lot to recommend it: it’s charming and inventive (though overlong – I know I say this about everything (and am right) but 20 minutes off the running time would have made it so much sharper), and I was chatting to the performer Matthew Bellwood beforehand, and he seemed very nice. I was taken with the models – though when I was asked to look after one for a few minutes I had a mini-panic, convinced I would break it and ruin the show forever! It’s funny and well-done and feels very original, so worth checking out – you can find details here and full review here.)

Although I admit I was by this stage utterly knackered and very much in the mood for a night in, I enjoyed the play and, even better, was reminded just how lovely the Quayside can be at night – it always makes it worth the walk.



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