Winter launch at the Biscuit Factory

Despite the grim winter weather, my friend S and I dragged ourselves along to the winter launch party at the Biscuit Factory (oh, the sacrifices I make for this blog). I love the Biscuit Factory – they do a really nice range of work at multiple price points, so you don’t ever feel like someone is going to sidle up behind you and go, ‘don’t think you can afford that, peasant’; the bookshop is great (if small), the cafe is corking (mm, grilled cheese) and the staff are always friendly.

Last night was pretty mobbed – not sure the idea to have musicians playing in the display space was a great one, as it led to a cluster of people that made it hard to see some of the art – and, to be honest, none of the actual displays rocked my world. It’s only to be expected of course with rolling exhibitions that not every one will resonate with you, but usually I find something to love, and here everything struck me as a little bland. Though, of course, I recognise the skill on display – if you forced me to paint something, you’d be lucky to get anything that would even pass as a Pictionary clue, so I can’t criticise – but at the spring launch there were lots of works that really moved me. Here it all just washed over me, which was a little disappointing, with neither of the key featured artists, Rob Van Hoek or India Amos, striking a chord.

The one thing I did do was discover a gorgeous new ring – they stock a great selection of jewellery by indie makers, again at a range of prices – which I couldn’t justify buying before Christmas, but which I might revisit if I have a successful winter season workwise.

The Van Hoek and Amos shows run till late February, and there are a number of festive events being held in the run up to Christmas, including Ouseburn open studios and late night shopping evenings. So why not support indie artists and a great local venue? Check out the details here.


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