Fenwick’s Beauty Advent Calendar

It’s long been a (ridiculous, I know) dream of mine to one year get the Liberty Beauty Advent calendar. I’m not quite sure why it’s been such an obsession, but I’m guessing it speaks to some fantasy of mine where I am a) rich enough to buy a big fancy advent calendar from one of my favourite shops and b) live a life that includes lots of international travel, so I get plenty of use out of all those posh brand travel sizes. Still, common sense and skintness has always won out, and when Liberty put the price up last year, it seemed a dream lost forever. (Besides, in the last two years I have been lucky enough to be gifted a Body Shop and a L’Occitane advent calendar, enabling me to scratch the itch for such treats.) (The less said about the wine advent calendar I got, which barely made it to the first week in December before I had raided all the windows, the better).

So anyway, when I realised I had a bunch of Euros left over from a couple of trips, instead of doing the sensible thing and putting them in the bank, I decided to fulfil this long held ambition. Not buying the Liberty calendar – the new price makes it seem an indulgence too far – but by supporting my other favourite shop, Fenwicks.

And blimey, it’s a beauty. Sturdily constructed and beautifully illustrated, it contains about £450 worth of goodies for £150 price tag (I justify this by knowing I will use some of the treats as stocking fillers and to beef up birthday gifts – so look, I am saving money!). Certainly they don’t stint: many of the drawers contain more than one product, and it’s packed full of well-known brands. Some of these are my faves – Ren, L’Occitane, Aveda and MAC – and some are ones I have been keen to try, like The Ordinary.

Of course, I have raided some of it already – anyone who knows me knows I don’t like waiting for presents, and if I can cheer myself up with pretties in November when it’s grim, rather than in December when it feels festive anyway, why not? And a frivolous ambition fulfilled is still an ambition fulfilled, right? Right?



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