Knives Out at the Tyneside Cinema

It feels like ages since I have been to the cinema – my last outing was the pretty disappointing new Terminator film when I was in Glasgow. But a friend recommended Knives Out and the press has been good, so I thought I would drag myself out on a cold night and check it out and I’m glad I did. A delightful movie packed with great performances, it’s also a cracking murder mystery. (For a fuller – and funnier – review check out Caution Spoilers, though maybe – given the name of the site – not till after you’ve seen the film!)The Tyneside was also looking particularly lovely on a winter evening – I do love what they have done with what used to be a pretty unprepossessing alley – and I took the opportunity to renew my membership. I’m determined to support my local arts venues, as that seems like a small thing to do to get over the disappointments of last week. (Plus you now get 3 free tickets with a single Friends membership – so by the time you add in discounts on tickets and drinks for the rest of the year, if you go more than a handful of times it has pretty much paid for itself…


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