JoJo Rabbit at the Tyneside Cinema

One of the things I was determined to do in 2020 is go to the cinema more. I have renewed my Tyneside Cinema membership, which includes 3 free tickets (though, annoyingly, they don’t seem to have sorted the glitch about using them when booking online). I got off to a good start with JoJo Rabbit, Taika Waititi’s funny, absurdist take on a boy living in a Nazi regime.


It’s one of those films that really shouldn’t work – Hitler has a New Zealand accent, for a start, and Rebel Wilson could be in ‘Allo, Allo – but it somehow does, managing to be charming, funny and sweet without ever minimising the horrors of war and Nazism, its message of the seductive banality of evil never more relevant than now. Definitely worth seeing. (For a longer review, check out Caution Spoilers 4* review here.)



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