Journeymen at Northern Stage

I was meeting a friend for lunch in McKenna’s, the Northern Stage cafe today, and aside from the delightful company, had not one but two surprises. One was that the veggie sausage sandwiches were back on the menu after a noticeable absence (mmmMMM), the other was the photography exhibition in the gallery downstairs.It’s a bit of an overlooked space down there: I admit I always visit as it’s on the way to the loos, but those with stronger bladders than mine should make an effort to pop down, as it often hosts some unusual art. The current exhibition is called Journeymen. Subtitled Lives Unseen and Unheard, it’s a touring show of work by men and boys in South East Northumberland, sponsored by Museum Northumberland bait. It’s on at Northern Stage – which seems to be its final stop after a tour of the region – until 24 Feb and is of course free to visit.You can’t see from my photos – the lights down in the gallery show the work well but are terrible for taking casual pics – but it’s a lovely wee show, and there are some gorgeous photos in it. Plus you can go upstairs afterwards and have a VEGGIE SAUSAGE SANDWICH! (I meant to take photos of that, too, but scarfed it before I remembered.)


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