Black Waters and Fitting

This has been a bit of a crazy week for me: this time of year tends to be my busiest, so it would be very easy for me to just focus on directories work and ignore the rest of my life, but I am increasingly determined to secure that mythical beast work life balance, so went to see a couple of plays as well. (Yes, yes, I am very aware of the irony that I am classing work / life balance as simply balancing two different kinds of work…)

The shows couldn’t have been more different. Black Waters at Northern Stage was a powerful dance piece confronting two dark moments in British colonial history (full review here). It was only on in Newcastle a couple of nights, but is touring.


In contrast, Fitting at Alphabetti was a charming solo show about gender and being (or possibly being) non-binary, with some fun magic tricks thrown in. It’s on for a little while longer and is definitely worth catching.



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