Home again, home

It’s certainly a weird time to be writing a blog based on going out, isn’t it? While this isn’t any sort of official blog and I don’t make any money from it, it has meant a lot to me, and helped me spread the word about some exciting and fun things in the North East. In that spirit, I plan to keep it going under lockdown – there will likely be a lot more posts about books, films and home shopping, though!

I’m posting writing tips and advice on home working over at Darkdates.org

And do remember in these troubled times: yes, all the arts freelancers you know will be trying to sell you stuff. They are scared and skint, so help where you can (even if it’s only a RT or share) and don’t resent their efforts. We need art more than ever right now.

Be nice to the people who still have to work. Retail staff are on the frontline of this alongside medical staff, transport staff, social care and emergencies. We’d all be starving without them, so no shouting cos they don’t have loo roll.

Be kind to yourself. Don’t expect that this will be the time you learn a foreign language, master yoga, write that novel. It might be, sure, but it might also take all your energy to stay sane and healthy in the next weeks and months.

Look out for one another. Check in on your neighbours (at a socially responsible distance!) Set up online chats. I normally hate speaking to people on the phone / Skype but the two chats I had this week have helped me feel more like myself than anything else.

Remember who acted like a bastard. Let this be a catalyst for change. Now and when this is over, stop spending money (where you can) with companies who abandoned their staff. Support small businesses and those that supported the people they employ and their communities. Let’s build something better from this.





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