Grainger Market Deliveries

Well, my first week in lockdown has passed without incident. It certainly feels strange – while I am great at keeping my own company, I hadn’t realised how much I needed my trips to the theatre, or the freedom just to potter around the shops. I have been relishing my daily exercise outdoors – whether a short run or a walk – and envying all the houses with gardens I pass!

I will, at least, not die of scurvy, since I managed to secure a delivery from Grainger Market Deliveries (the link is here: though they close it when fully booked). I ordered veg, bread, cheese and eggs and there was enough to keep me going for a while (so much, in fact, that I dropped some off at my neighbour’s). Although these days I am not much of a cook, it was nice being able to have a veg heavy lunch today (stir fried cabbage, carrots and pine nuts, if you are interested, with roast cauli lined up for dinner tonight).  I suspect I’ll be having some odd combinations over the next week or so, but at least it means I can avoid supermarkets so hopefully do my bit to keep the crowds down!



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