A food from friends parcel to brighten my week

I’ve really been blown away by the kindness of my friends during this crisis. It was especially appreciated this week, when the confirmation of the extension of the lockdown hit me hard (and, yes, I know I am exceptionally lucky in the grand scheme of things, which just throws ‘guilt at feeling bad’ into the mix.)

20200418_120153 (1)

So I was thrilled when my friend M dropped off not just some shopping but some treats – she’d bought me an Easter egg and, best of all, some home cooked veggie lasagne. This is her signature dish, and tends to be what she cooks when me and my oldest friend C go to hers for a girls’ night of fizz and movies – so it wasn’t just delicious, eating it last night made me think of all those great nights and hopeful that we will soon be able to have them again. (It was also nice to have a doorstep chat, however brief – I miss speaking to people in person!)

I posted this picture of the lasagne on Instagram and another friend commented: “I don’t see the lasagne – I just see love”, and you know what, I think she’s right.




  1. […] Sometimes that takes physical form: a number of my friends have reassured me that if I run out of money, they can help (obviously, I hope that doesn’t happen, but it’s nice to be reminded that I won’t be destitute if it does). More than one lovely person has contributed to my Ko-fi account – which goes straight to PayPal, so is currently paying for my online groceries and supplies (which I am trying to order mostly from small businesses, so the folk who are supporting me are also supporting them, in a nice virtuous circle). Someone messaged me to say he was going to buy one of my books for his mum, and others have sent me gifts through the post, dropped off groceries or even, gloriously, home cooking. […]


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