Cheese toasties

If there is one food I miss, it’s cheese toasties. God, I love cheese toasties. Years ago, when I lived in Glasgow my local cafe the Alba did the best toasties I have ever had (record still unbeaten) and for a brief, heady time in my late twenties – post-a-breakup, pre-London – I pretty much lived on them, which, since they aren’t exactly healthy, is why I dumped by Breville when I made the move from Glasgow and have rationed myself to only the occasional one ever since.

But lockdown is giving me food nostalgia and, chatting to my friend M the other night (yes, the same one that made me the lasagne!), I mentioned I had a craving and asked her to pick me up some bread and cheese so I could at least have some cheese on toast. Well, today she dropped me off a bag of shopping on the way to her folks which included not just some healthy veg and cheese and bread but A TOASTIE MACHINE. Needless to say I spent the rest of the day sitting around with a bread bloat after stuffing my face but god it was worth it…





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