April Birchbox

My Birchbox arrived yesterday – much later than usual, since the distribution has inevitably been delayed by coronavirus. (I’ve been impressed by the clear communications on this from the company – and would much rather my box of treats is delayed than people are forced to put themselves at risk. I’ve seen a lot of comments on their Facebook page along the lines of ‘but my box….?’ and FFS, priorities, people.

As usual, a mixed bag in terms of stuff I’ll use, though by now I am enjoying using the things that aren’t for me as ‘stocking stuffers’ for friends’ gifts. The moisturiser, cleasing pad and mask will all come in handy. Less so the cleaner – mainly cos I have enough to last me into the next decade – and mood balm, though the latter is prettily packaged enough for me not to mind.

I had planned to cancel my subscription – I’m aware it’s not that eco friendly (although I always recycle the packaging, which is cardboard), and it’s a monthly expense I don’t need – but to be honest it’s such a treat I am going to stick with it.



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