More corona kindness

Why yes, I DO have the loveliest friends. My lovely cousin gave me some bread and a couple of pies yesterday when we had a socially-distanced garden gate chat, which meant I could have cheese on toast last night. (Fray Bentos pies! I didn’t even realise they still made them. The £1.50 old style price sticker makes me wonder if they actually do, or if these have been sitting, indestructible, in her pantry for decades.

And today when I was feeling in a bit of a grump and v sorry for myself, the lovely M – yes, she of the home made lasagne – dropped me off some delicious home made cheese scones, since she was in the neighbourhood dropping stuff off for her folks.

I don’t know what it’s going to be like after all this when I have to start going out and getting my own food again!





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