If you’d told me this time last year that the thought of having coffee with someone on my own sofa would be the highlight not just of my week but my month, I’d have told you you were crazy. But here we are, and crazy is the new normal. So now I am allowed a support bubble (as a single household), I had my friend M (also a single household) over for coffee and a chat and… oh my god, it was glorious. Neither of us had much to talk about, obviously, since we’ve both done feck all since lockdown, but just the pleasure of a casual chat about TV and movies and not much at all with an old friend made me feel remarkably human again.

And if I needed further proof I chose my bubble wisely – she brought home made cheese scones!






  1. Talking of Dward bread and the Trousers of Time while drinking tea and eating chocolate on someone else’s sofa? defintiely the high light of the month 🙂


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