Cross-stitch crazy

So, after months of shamelessly mocking my more talented peers for their lockdown baking and crafting (I’ve seen more sourdough since March than I’ve seen in the last 10 years, and I used to live in Brighton, people), it seems I have finally succumbed myself and have resurrected an old interest in cross-stitch.

Unbelievably, I used to be pretty good at this – my mum had a massive cross-stitch framed on her wall that literally no one believed was my handiwork as apparently it was so out of character for me – and I’ve discovered that although my skills are rusty, the old enthusiasm is still there. I’ve blogged before about starting with kits – I got mine from Marker’s Arcade via Not on the High Street or from Northern maker Innocent Bones (from Etsy or Not on the High Street). But inspired by a friend of mine who is making her own from scratch (and cognizant of how expensive it is to keep buying kits), I splashed out on some basics and plan to start doing my own.

So I was excited yesterday when the first batch of my funky aida (the fabric used for cross-stitch) arrived from Claire Brown Cross Stitch, a Glasgow-based Etsy store. What was even more exciting was said friend – with whom I have been sharing my cross-stitch enthusiasm – sent me this cute needleholder, and another friend out of the blue sent me these cute cat stickers, so I felt very spoiled.


Decided to get started straight away and though I was hampered by the fact my pattern paper hadn’t arrived so this was slightly freestyle, I was quite pleased with this as a first attempt.




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