In which I venture Outside

Had my first actual day out since lockdown began on Friday! My friend S picked me up and we walked from his place along the quayside to Ouseburn, where we had a drink outside Kiln and then stopped at a wee shop for takeaway pizza, even buying an ice cream for the walk home. It wasn’t exactly a mammoth bender, but it felt good – though a little unsettling – to finally be outside my neighbourhood and amongst people!


Most places seemed to be doing a good job of queuing and social distancing, and masks were much in evidence: though if we are canting towards more outdoor eating and drinking, I think there needs to be more bins (and people need to stop being such fecking pigs) as there was also a lot of littering, including the now annoyingly frequent sight of discarded masks. It was also sad to walk past Live Theatre and see it dark, so I do hope theatres manage to open soon.


It also made me realise how sedentary and quiet my life has been – S and I usually end up going out for way longer than we planned, but after an afternoon walking in the sunshine and a couple of beers I was ready for a lie down…





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