When the World is Loud

If the corona crisis has often felt like one disaster after another, and the current arts landscape depressing, there is at least one spark of hope: the ingenuity and determination of those in the arts to keep creating interesting, original and / or challenging work and to make sure that even though venues are closed, new work is still being created and shared.

One of these projects is When the World is Loud, an audio theatre production from the company Mortal Fools. Featuring original music and the voices of people from the North East (Mortal Fools is based in Prudhoe), it’s designed to be listened to anywhere and is free to access (you can get it via their website, or on Spotify, Apple or Podbean (I have no idea what Podbean is, but assume it’s some trendy podcast thingy). (Donations are of course welcome – do consider chucking in a few quid if you enjoy it and are able: times are hard all round…)

Listen here:

WTWIL Insta Available Now


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