Mood Box by Innocent Bones

One of the first makers I encountered when I started what has become a cross-stitch obsession was local vendor Innocent Bones. I’ve now bought a few kits from her – this heart and dagger is my latest – and even though I’ve reached a stage now where I generally prefer to do my own designs, I still buy the odd one. (My friends love them: I’ve ended up doing this Don’t be a Dick and No Fucks Given (which I colourised from her monochrome pattern) twice because people asked me for them.

So since two of the things I love most are supporting indie businesses (especially female led ones) and subscription boxes, when I discovered the company did a bi-monthly subscription box, I just had to sign up.

Mood by Innocent Bones comes in a standard box or cross-stitch special – obviously I chose the latter – and includes a cross-stitch kit (with everything you need to do the pattern) as well as some other themed and crafty goodies. Not sure I will use all of these – then again three months ago I couldn’t imagine myself picking up a needle so who knows what lockdown will bring! – but it’s definitely a cute package to arrive in the post and the pattern is beautiful.


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