Dark Dates price promo!

Just in case any of you need to catch up / revisit the series before the new book comes out, I have reduced a number of the books in the Dark Dates series to 99p for a limited period only.

The books in the promotion are:

Dark Dates – see where it all started!

Angel Falls – the most recent novel – see where we left it all!

A Vampire in New York and Other Stories – read about how Cain met the hunter husbands Jonesy and Smith, follow Laclos’ adventures in New York, and find out what Cass, Medea and Katie have been doing since we saw them last.

And if you want a taste of what’s coming in Blood Burns, the new Dark Dates book, you can read the first chapter* here:

(*I may have edited this slightly for the final version, but it’s basically the same…)


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