Metro Challenge – Felling and Hebburn

I managed to cross off two stops on my Metro Challenge this weekend, albeit not on purpose.

On Saturday a sunny day stroll to get to know my neighbourhood took me to Felling Metro, which is a manageable walk from my place. It’s an area rife with memories and one I am keen to explore, but as one of my abiding recollections was that I used to walk down to the Metro to go into town but get the bus back to avoid walking up what is a giant bloody hill, I decided to leave it till a day when my calves weren’t sore from Barre class.

Today the stop was Hebburn, for no other reason than if you are going to Pelaw to go to Aldi and let your attention wander, this is the next stop on the line…


Metro Challenge – Monkseaton

As I said in previous posts, today marked another stop off the Metro Challenge, as I got to cross Monkseaton off the list. Not only is it handy for my friend S and a funky little high street, there is also some very nice stained glass in the station…

The Metro Challenge and my first trip to Lidl

I have been in my flat nearly a couple of weeks now, and it’s starting to feel like home. I am also very aware though that I don’t want to fall into the same trap I did in Brighton, which is to become so comfortable in my own little neighbourhood I rarely venture beyond it.

With that in mind, today I decided to set myself the completely spurious Metro Challenge: over the course of the next year, I will visit as many Metro stops as possible, and see what is in the neighbourhoods. (Before you start, yes, I am aware that some are in neighbourhoods that are less than lovely – I’ll proceed with caution and skip anywhere I am not comfortable going). The rules are also that I can only count the ones I have been to since I moved: no adding up all the ones I have visited over the years.

Metro Map third A4

So far, I am doing quite well:

Heworth, obviously: I live here

Monument, Central Station, Haymarket – all three are the central stops for Newcastle city centre, so I have been to them plenty of times already

Hadrian Road – little to recommend it except a nice church, and my mate M’s house and her splendid cooking.

Chillingham Road – the main stop for Heaton, where I looked at a few flats, and also visited another friend.

Ilford Road – looked at a flat nearby. I used to live in this neighbourhood, so was all oddly familiar.

Jesmond – I used to live round here, too, way back in the day, but this time was to look at flats again.

Gateshead – my estate agent, and my friend S are both nearby.

South Shields – for my visit to the Customs House.

So today’s addition to the list was Pelaw, which is right next to a big Aldi and Lidl. I have never been to Lidl before – not for any particular reason, just other supermarkets have always been handier – and since I am counting even a bland new experience as a new experience, I’m counting it as a win.