The Metro Challenge and my first trip to Lidl

I have been in my flat nearly a couple of weeks now, and it’s starting to feel like home. I am also very aware though that I don’t want to fall into the same trap I did in Brighton, which is to become so comfortable in my own little neighbourhood I rarely venture beyond it.

With that in mind, today I decided to set myself the completely spurious Metro Challenge: over the course of the next year, I will visit as many Metro stops as possible, and see what is in the neighbourhoods. (Before you start, yes, I am aware that some are in neighbourhoods that are less than lovely – I’ll proceed with caution and skip anywhere I am not comfortable going). The rules are also that I can only count the ones I have been to since I moved: no adding up all the ones I have visited over the years.

Metro Map third A4

So far, I am doing quite well:

Heworth, obviously: I live here

Monument, Central Station, Haymarket – all three are the central stops for Newcastle city centre, so I have been to them plenty of times already

Hadrian Road – little to recommend it except a nice church, and my mate M’s house and her splendid cooking.

Chillingham Road – the main stop for Heaton, where I looked at a few flats, and also visited another friend.

Ilford Road – looked at a flat nearby. I used to live in this neighbourhood, so was all oddly familiar.

Jesmond – I used to live round here, too, way back in the day, but this time was to look at flats again.

Gateshead – my estate agent, and my friend S are both nearby.

South Shields – for my visit to the Customs House.

So today’s addition to the list was Pelaw, which is right next to a big Aldi and Lidl. I have never been to Lidl before – not for any particular reason, just other supermarkets have always been handier – and since I am counting even a bland new experience as a new experience, I’m counting it as a win.


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