Two Pints at Live Theatre

It’s easily more than a couple of decades since I have been to Live Theatre (to see Singer of My Youth Martin Stephenson, if I recall, though well after his Daintees heyday). So I was delighted to be invited to attend the British premiere of Roddy Doyle’s play Two Pints last night, which gave me an excuse for a return visit.

The play itself – performed on a stage with a specially built, working bar from which you could buy Guinness – was a delight, and the theatre itself is a gem. Friendly staff, and abundant toilets for such a small venue (this mattered to me a lot, since I am currently in period hell – again! My uterus is not happy to be home, apparently, and playing up like a sulky teen. Think Carrie, maybe, and you get the visual.)

The bar is charming, including the Undercroft – which hosts regular networking sessions for local creative folk – and the theatre is compact enough to feel intimate but big enough to attract great shows. I’ve already planned my next visit…



  1. Broad Chare next door while not massively veggie friendly does an amazing bubble n Squeak with Duck Eggs and HP style sauce!


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