Two Pints at Live Theatre

It’s easily more than a couple of decades since I have been to Live Theatre (to see Singer of My Youth Martin Stephenson, if I recall, though well after his Daintees heyday). So I was delighted to be invited to attend the British premiere of Roddy Doyle’s play Two Pints last night, which gave me an excuse for a return visit.

The play itself – performed on a stage with a specially built, working bar from which you could buy Guinness – was a delight, and the theatre itself is a gem. Friendly staff, and abundant toilets for such a small venue (this mattered to me a lot, since I am currently in period hell – again! My uterus is not happy to be home, apparently, and playing up like a sulky teen. Think Carrie, maybe, and you get the visual.)

The bar is charming, including the Undercroft – which hosts regular networking sessions for local creative folk – and the theatre is compact enough to feel intimate but big enough to attract great shows. I’ve already planned my next visit…


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