Bin day, on which I am an idiot

The good thing about having family round the corner is that you can give them your spare keys. This is less good when you accidentally give them both your backdoor keys instead of a back and front door key, and it’s bin day so you can’t get into the back yard to put out – or take back in – the bins. (I am still not used to thinking about things like bin day – my flat in London had communal rubbish and recycling bins, and Brighton had street bins. Having a bin schedule feels both strange and impossibly grown up).

Luckily my neighbours kindly put my bins out last night. I think the expectation is I bring them back in (since bloke neighbour is at work, and his partner is at home with a dog and baby – not conducive to bin-wrangling). Anyway I felt so guilty not being able to do it I shoved a note through the door with my contact details for emergencies and she texted me to say not to worry so hopefully they aren’t cursing me just yet…!


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