Ockham’s Razor coming to Dance City

I blogged recently about my first trip to Dance City, to see a show during the Moving Parts Puppetry Festival. It’s a venue I wasn’t overly familiar with – I vaguely recall doing a couple of classes there Back in the Day – so I was surprised to discover that it doesn’t just run classes but also has a pretty impressive schedule of performances, too.

One show that looks to be interesting is the upcoming Ockham’s Razor piece, This Time. It’s a contemporary show that uses daring choreography, circus equipment and aerial acrobatics (which I am *always* a sucker for – how do they do it?) to address the idea of strength and how we navigate the challenges of our ever-changing lives. (Plus it’s just over an hour long, which is the perfect length for a dance piece. Y’all know I love short.)

Dance City is a great local space (the cafe / bar is very welcoming, as well – light and airy and with friendly staff) and it’s only a few minutes from Central Station, so it’s worth adding to your list of local venues to check out.

The show runs at Dance City from 23rd – 26th May before heading to Salford then the Edinburgh Fringe. You can get tickets here. Maybe I’ll see you there…

This Time by Ockham's Razor - courtesy of Nik Mackey (1).jpg

(Photo courtesy of Nik Mackey. Thanks to Chloe Nelkin Consultancy for making me aware of the show).




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