Ockham’s Razor coming to Dance City

I blogged recently about my first trip to Dance City, to see a show during the Moving Parts Puppetry Festival. It’s a venue I wasn’t overly familiar with – I vaguely recall doing a couple of classes there Back in the Day – so I was surprised to discover that it doesn’t just run classes but also has a pretty impressive schedule of performances, too.

One show that looks to be interesting is the upcoming Ockham’s Razor piece, This Time. It’s a contemporary show that uses daring choreography, circus equipment and aerial acrobatics (which I am *always* a sucker for – how do they do it?) to address the idea of strength and how we navigate the challenges of our ever-changing lives. (Plus it’s just over an hour long, which is the perfect length for a dance piece. Y’all know I love short.)

Dance City is a great local space (the cafe / bar is very welcoming, as well – light and airy and with friendly staff) and it’s only a few minutes from Central Station, so it’s worth adding to your list of local venues to check out.

The show runs at Dance City from 23rd – 26th May before heading to Salford then the Edinburgh Fringe. You can get tickets here. Maybe I’ll see you there…

This Time by Ockham's Razor - courtesy of Nik Mackey (1).jpg

(Photo courtesy of Nik Mackey. Thanks to Chloe Nelkin Consultancy for making me aware of the show).




Elevator Festival and BalletBoyz

Two shows in two nights for me this week. First off was my first trip to this year’s Elevator Festival at Live Theatre. Offering a mix of “new plays by rising talent” and talks about the state of the industry (including the future of playwrighting, and the role of women and the state working class representation on stage) – most of it very reasonably priced – it unfortunately runs the two weeks I am busiest in the year, so I’ve had to limit my attendance to a couple of shows.

One of these was Matthew Greenhough’s solo show about two young men whose friendship is torn apart by their opposing political beliefs over Brexit, It’ll Be Alt-Right on the Night. A sharp and funny piece, I enjoyed it, though it needed a little more polish in its performance.

Second up was Them/Us at Northern Stage, which was the epitome of polished, and which even I enjoyed, newbie to dance as I am. A performance that was particularly strong on the idea of male-on-male tenderness – something you don’t often see on stage – it was actually very moving even if I only had the vaguest idea of what was going on.

Since I was out with Young People (we met one of my companion’s friends at Northern Stage), we even went for drinks afterwards – at 10pm! on a Friday! Who even am I? – and ended up at a bar that is new to me, Alvinos. Apparently they do good cocktails, though I was sticking to wine as I was already pretty squooshed, and with 3 floors it’s deceptively large. We scored a place on the outside terrace upstairs and enjoyed some serious putting the world to rights before I staggered into a taxi outside and made my way home.