Wasteland at Northern Stage

In what is feeling like a typical week for me, I was in Northern Stage twice – once for a meeting in the cafe, once to see Wasteland, a new contemporary dance piece by Gary Clarke’s company that examines the rave scene that grew up in industrial areas after the post-miners’ strike decline in industry.

The theatre cafe is busy now the students are back – it was thronged by freshers, all of whom looked about 12 to my weary eyes (I was a bit relieved when my 20-something friend arrived and exclaimed ‘my god! we’re surrounded by children!’). The show itself was of course squarely aimed at my generation, since I grew up in the rave era (though it was never my thing), and although I am no dance expert, it certainly captures a sense of what was exciting and challenging at that time. (Full review here.) It was only at Northern Stage a couple of nights, but it is touring.


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