Plotting and Pizza

My friend T came through to Brighton to stay for the night, and we found ourselves revisiting several old haunts. Brunch was a very nice scrambled eggs, halloumi and avocado on toast at Egg & Spoon in Kemptown, then and afternoon working was livened up by the prospect of cocktails at an old favourite of ours, The Plotting Parlour. Although if there’s only two of you, you tend to get shunted off to a less than comfy side table (and you generally need to book in advance, especially at weekends), the place makes up for these inconveniences by having friendly staff serving cocktails that are really top notch. We opted for – yes, an old favourite – the chilli and ginger margarita, which looks as good as it tastes.IMG_7473Dinner was pizza in Woodbox, back in Kemptown. A great little pizza joint in the space on Paston Place that used to be Sam’s (next to the Burlesque club), it’s a laid back, airy space that does fantastic pizzas and very decent wine. The chocolate bar calzone sounds a bit rich for my blood, mind…


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