Birchbox and both kinds of Boots

I’m back home after a fairly full on week in Brighton and London, where I managed to squeeze an impressive amount of socialising into a week that was also packed with work, especially since I was running on empty, as most of my nights were derailed by a loud, needy cat. The result of this – and my train being delayed again last night, so I got home after midnight – I decided to give myself a day off today and have a potter around town.

Despite having spent a fortune in Brighton, I needed some bits and bobs for an upcoming trip – especially some comfy shoes, as my usual summer standby (cheap, paper-thin-soled ballet pumps that I wear till they disintegrate) are no longer kind enough to my feet and calves, which were both protesting after all the uncushioned walking I’d been doing).

Luckily, tis the season for sales, so I found a decent pair of slightly padded pumps in Fenwick’s that made up for being a tad grannyish by at least being metallic (and in the sale) *and* since the giant Outfit shop on Northumberland Street is closing – which makes me sad even if I hardly ever shopped there – I also bagged a pair of boots for the princely sum of £10.

The bargain hunting continued as I was reminded I get double Boots points on my birthday and they had a 3-for-2 offer and a make up gift with purchase, so I did some winter stocking up / Brexit-panic-buying and came away with a bunch of extra points and this little beauty. Admittedly it’s heavy on the lippie – which I don’t wear – but black mascara and eyeliner never comes in wrong, and I do like a nice masque.

To add to my haul, this month’s Birchbox was delivered. As usual a mixed stash – cleanser, exfoliator, body moisturiser and hair stuff that I will use, but wasn’t super excited about, and a lip tint that will end up as a stocking filler. Still, I do love getting things in the post…


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