In which I go to Byker (again)

I’ve posted earlier about Northern Stage’s Byker programmeNorthern Stage’s Byker programme (and wrote a piece for The Stage on it earlier this month), and last night the show finally rolled around, so my friend L and I headed to Byker Community Centre to see I Have Met The Enemy (and the enemy is us). An ambitious show that tackles Britain’s role in the arms industry through the lived experience of the cast, it has some bold touches and striking design, but I admit it very much Wasn’t My Thing: never a fan of being asked to wander round while vaguely theatrical things happen in other parts of the room, I found it a little slow and unfocused for my taste, with admittedly powerful moments too scattershot to be truly effective. (Review here.)

Still, the ambition of the piece should be applauded, and it’s priced very reasonably – including reduced price tickets for Byker residents – so if you are a fan of immersive political theatre, it’s worth checking out and runs till October 26.


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