A wander around my old university

I lived in Glasgow so long that almost all of it – especially the West End – comes packed with memories, but nowhere more so than the University. I studied there for four years, and one of my first post-graduation jobs was working in the bookshop, so all in all I spent about 6 years of my life wandering around its cloisters. Of course, these days like much of the West End – and indeed the city – it’s being transformed, and big modern buildings are springing up alongside the more ancient parts of the university (I managed to get lost on my way to the Kelvingrove, turned around by the various construction works). But with autumn in full golden flow, it certainly looked pretty today.But it remains a beautiful place that I am inordinately fond of, so I was glad to have time to have a bit of a wander before I met my friend. After the museum, we walked up Byres Road and ended up having lunch in Cafe Francoise, where both of us spent most of the meal trying to figure out what it had been when we were at uni… (We couldn’t figure it out: best guess was the Remnant Kings where we often bought fabric to make skirts – we were all quite the mini-seamstresses and though I was limited in skill, my friend H made me a pair of trousers I wore till they disintegrated, because I loved them to much!) If anyone knows, tell me in the comments!


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