Linda McCartney Retrospective at Kelvingrove

One thing I was determined to do when in town was visit one of my favourite places, The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, which is not only home to one of my favourite pictures (The Orange Blind, by Cadell – not an original choice, I know, but the heart loves what it loves), but is currently hosting a Linda McCartney Retrospective that I had heard good things about.

There are probably better days to go to a gallery than when it’s raining and you have a hangover, but I struggled through and met old uni pal M for a wander. The gallery is as beautiful as ever – and so large that we couldn’t cover all of it – but I did check in on the usual suspects: the Glasgow Boys, the Scottish Colourists (of which Cadell was one) and the Dali painting Christ of St John of the Cross, which is still stunning but, relocated to a room (it used to loom over one of the staircases, if I recall) less disorienting.

The McCartney Retrospective was also great: a mix of portraits of famous people and family (which, of course, were often one and the same), mixed in with some polaroids, it really showed that beyond being a Beatles’ wife she was a talented and successful photographer in her own right. It’s on till January, so pop in if you get a chance.


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