Good food and good company at Mother India Cafe

You’d think after all the food and wine I stuffed myself with so far I’d be on for a quiet night out, but that’s for lightweights – and after all this food and wine, I am certainly not that. So last night saw me catch up with my old uni crowd, and an utterly splendid catch up it was.We started off at The Doublet on Park Road. When I lived round the corner – um, several decades ago – I remember this place had a rep as a bit of a dive, but it seems to have transformed itself into a cosy wee pub, now, and certainly a totally fine place to have a pre-meal pint.Then we went to Mother India Cafe at the Lansdowne. I’d never been before – in fact we only went because the original Mother India couldn’t accommodate our party at the time we needed – but it was a delight. Great food, some bargain wines and friendly service (they had cava for special offer – 15 quid!) made for a fantastic evening… if a bit of a fragile morning after…


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