Meeting Lainy from Always Reading

Yesterday I was in Waterstones meeting up with a Scottish book blogger I have been following for a while. I’m always slightly nervous meeting bloggers – what if they don’t like me?! – even though on the rare occasions I have done so, they have all been a delight. And, of course, the same happened here: we spent a merry hour or two chatting about books, blogging and horror movies, albeit in comedy hushed tones, having been told off by an old lady for talking too loudly (in a Glasgow cafe? C’mon, lady. A bookshop cafe isn’t a library! Which of course we muttered but didn’t say back to her, as we are British.)


Unfortunately we were so distracted by these shenanigans we forgot to get a picture together, though she did insist I pose with my book in the sci-fi and fantasy section, and since – see aforementioned post – I’ve been trying to get better about photos of myself, I agreed. Incredibly sweetly, she also brought me a notebook and some festive biscuits, neither of which is realistically gonna last till Christmas…

You can follow Lainy on Instagram at @always_reading (worth doing not just for the books but the cat photos), Twitter @smbslt or check out her blog at 



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