Lunch at Cafezique

While I have been mostly trying to check out new places on my visit – in part by default, because so many familiar haunts are gone – I did today make a visit to an old favourite, Cafezique. While this place has been through several iterations in my time – it used to have a nice, if pricy, deli next door and I *think* it used to be called Delizque – the basic set up remains familiar. I used to go a lot, not least because the people I am staying with now used to live round the corner, and though the facade could do with some love, inside it remains much the same.I had a very tasty veggie breakfast – substantial enough portions to make me want a wee lie down afterwards – followed by a cheeky glass of wine (so, definitely a lie down afterwards!). There’s a decent vegetarian and vegan range, and the service was friendly, which made me glad it’s survived the wave of change that has swept over the rest of the West End.


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