Lunch at Chaakoo

Another day, another lovely catch up with friends. This time my friend G who I hadn’t seen in years (though, impressively, the last time we did meet it was in New York. Get us.) He suggested Chaakoo Bombay Cafe on St Vincent’s Street, which is somewhere I have been wanting to try (there’s a West End outlet open now too) and which was a great choice.

Indian small plates are always a favourite of mine, and these were delicious: we shared a range of dishes: Daal Makhani, Bombay Potatoes, Channa Mushroom and Samosas (with a naan and rice to share) and that was more than enough food, all of it tasty. There’s an excellent vegetarian range, and they were very good about catering for my allergies. The space is light and airy without being cavernous, and the staff friendly – all in all, I would definitely rate.

Now it’s off to Edinburgh. Bye, Glasgow – you’ve been a star.


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