Walking the Forth Bridge

So yesterday it was farewell to Glasgow, and through to Edinburgh to see my friends A&J. We had a very boozy catch up, so I was clearly feeling a little fragile today – so, of course, it made perfect sense for us to decide to go for a stroll along the Forth Road Bridge.

Now closed to vehicles except taxis and buses (cars take the recently opened Queensferry Crossing, it’s still open to cyclists and pedestrians, and offers some stunning views, and it seemed a shame not to take advantage of a brisk and bright day. At a mile and a half long, doing the whole thing and back would have taken more time than we had, so I was quite proud we managed almost halfway (our plan to reach the halfway point was derailed by the fact I am not great at heights, so started to feel a little wobbly just before we made it!) Still, I was pleased we did it, as it really is a stunning walk, and the views were worth a bit of mild terror. (You can read more about all three bridges here.)

As a reward we made a return visit to The Little Bakery in South Queensferry, and this time had a very tasty lunch of halloumi and avocado (pretty much my staple diet of the last week), then it was on the train and back to Newcastle. And while I have had a fantastic time, blimey it was good to be home!


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