Quay Ingredient

Yesterday my fellow ALCS panelists and I popped out for a bite to eat after our talk, and stumbled on the gem that is Quay Ingredient. Tucked away down Queen Street, opposite the Akenside Traders, it’s a compact cafe that looks like it might be super basic, but actually offers a fantastic range of foodie grub, prepared with real care, and served by one of the friendliest women I have met in a while.

There’s a real playfulness to the menu, which has a range of stottie sandwiches and locally tweaked options (for example, the Geordie eggs benedict comes with pease pudding, and is clearly a popular option since by the time we swung by – well after lunch – they had sold out.) I opted for scrambled egg with brioche and truffle oil, which came with an optional hash brown – as if hash browns are ever optional, since they are an automatic yes for me – and it was delicious, though such a generous portion I couldn’t finish it. (Not sure why it came with jam, mind.)

Definitely one to check out. (Excuse the blurry photos – I was in the throes of an incipient migraine, which affects my vision, and took these before my medication kicked in.)


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