St. Vincent and the Bridge

Also on our Quayside jaunt yesterday, we popped into a place I have walked past several times and pondered going into, but put off because I thought it was just a restaurant, and one focused on French food – so not very veggie friendly – at that. But St. Vincent is more than that: it’s also a very stylish wine bar with an excellent selection both of cocktails and wines (including many that are lesser available in Newcastle, such as sparkling reds and ‘skin contact’ (or ‘orange’) wines. Had I been feeling better we would have stayed longer and tried the impressive cocktail list, but I satisfied myself with a nice red and resolution to come back again later.

But the real treat of the evening was the most surprising: when we were heading towards the Baltic, the Millennium Bridge was opened! I knew this was done semi-regularly – after all, it’s the ‘winking bridge’ – but had never seen it, so was thrilled to get a chance to witness it in action (and impressed by how smooth and quietly it is done). It also looks mighty pretty in the evening…


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