Illuminating the Self at the Hatton Gallery

It’s a grim, drizzly day today but I was feeling a bit restless so decided to go into town and see if I could distract myself. Luckily, I remembered the Hatton Gallery had a new exhibit that (it opened mid-Jan) so decided to pop along.

Illuminating the Self comprises two pieces commissioned to complement the University’s research into therapies for epilepsy. Aldworth’s piece (Out of the Blue) is a series of garments, embroidered with statements about how women (I think it’s just women: I admit I didn’t read all the notes – this is why I could never be an art critic) with epilepsy feel about their condition. Apparently it normally undulates, but a very nice member of staff explained it had broken down and they were waiting for an engineer to come out next week, and though I might nip in to check it out in full flow, I actually didn’t mind: the fact that it was static made it easier to read the words on the garments, and they were very moving and powerful.

Andrew Carnie’s Blue Matter was an eerie, evocative lightscape in a darkened room, and a piece that rewards your concentration: the harder you look, the more details you see.

Both pieces run till 19 May. Details here,and entry is free.

Alongside them is Origins & Endings, a collaboration by artists Jordan Baseman and Marianne Wilde and musician Mark Carroll, created with academics and scientists at the University’s Policy, Ethics & Life Sciences Research Centre (PEALS) which runs till l7 March, so you have to be faster to catch that one.


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