March Birchbox

This month’s Birchbox has an International Women’s Day theme (which is nice, but maybe they could have focused on specifically women-led businesses, or something – I mean, maybe they did, but from what I can tell from the packaging it just means a nice looking box). Still, that quibble aside it’s a good haul: a nice metallic eye colour (and there are few things I love more than a nice metallic eye colour), a liquid eyeliner (also a regular tool for me), some serum, a body scrubber which I shall be employing to slough off my scaly winter skin should winter ever bloody go, and some blow drying lotion, (which goes into the ‘treats for friends’ box).

Plus I’ve been feeling pretty shitty so just getting something nice through the post was a treat!




  1. In the need to prep for the spring/summer (if they ever actually turn up!) I’m seriously considering not just using a lovely Bodyshop exfoliation gel I have, but also a Brillo pad! I just feel “urrggggh”.


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