Sod your sourdough – give me stotties!

With everyone’s social feeds suddenly full of sourdough, I’ve been craving the comfort of bread. So I decided this morning to try out the new service launched by Blueline, Grab, which partners with local restaurants and food companies to do deliveries. It’s pretty easy to use: you go to the website (or app) and enter your postcode and they show you which companies deliver to your neighbourhood. Most of mine were drinks companies (not gonna lie, will probably be using them soon) but I was most excited about Milligan’s, since that meet my bread cravings.

I was astonished how fast it worked – I placed the order at around 9 and got the delivery a couple of hours later. It’s not too pricey (compared to somewhere I saw the other day that was charging a tenner plus delivery for a single bag of bagels!) and there was a pretty good choice (when one of the options I ordered wasn’t available they called  me up to offer an alternative).

It seems a great way to support local businesses and social distancing, so I’m definitely going to be using it again.



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