Happy birthday, Daphne Du Maurier!

Apparently, it is both Daphne Du Maurier’s birthday today, and Daphne Du Maurier Re-reading week, so while I had no idea about this till someone just told me, it is apt that today I got this beauty through the post, sent by a friend who had been tweeting about watching Rebecca when I admitted I’d never read the book or seen the film. Coming as it does from a friend who has already been extremely generous to me during this whole crisis, I was doubly touched – and kindness keeps coming on kindness, since three friends who have also already sent gifts or bought Ko-fis for me donated to my Ko-fi this week.

I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed by how lovely everyone is being. It’s frustrating not to be in a position to pay it back right now, but I am also learning more and more that sometimes the best way to thank people for their kindness is just to accept it and be grateful. Most people don’t give out of any expectation of quid pro quo, and seeing it as such (“you did this for me so I owe you!”) devalues what is one of the nicest and most genuine things someone can do: reach out and be kind when they know another is in need.

So I’m saying again what I suspect I’ll be saying a lot of for the next few months: thank you. It means more than you can imagine.




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