Cheese in a time of corona

In today’s unexpected loveliness: after receiving another Ko-fi donation from a friend last night (THANK YOU!), today’s post brought more eye-moistening kindness from a friend who clearly knows me VERY well, since she sent me both some booze and a box of cheese straws. Cheese straws! I’m ridiculously excited.


Also: on a serious note – as I am currently waiting to see if my Govt support gets processed / accepted and have had virtually no work and no company for 2 months, all this kindness is really keeping me afloat – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Not just the gifts and the Ko-fi donations, and the people buying my books, but the texts and messages and Zoom chats. I really expected lockdown to make me feel more alone and isolated than I ever have, but in fact the reverse has been true: I feel cared for, loved and supported, and that is something I will never not be grateful for.



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